Music Videos,
Album Art
& Projections!

Hey, I'm Lila! I am a graphic designer, animator and musician. I'm currently accepting design/animation work with bands & labels for sept 2018 onward. Email me at!

Band: Sundae Crush
Song: "Dating Game 3000"
Greenscreen & Animation
1-2 Months

Band: Carroll
Song: "Bad Water"
1-2 Months

Band: Howardian
Song: "Box Turtle"
1-2 Weeks

Band: Swamp Meat
Song: "Fancy Suits"
Video & Practical Effects
1 Day!

Band: Baywitch
Song: "Cosmic Zone"
Puppetry & Video
1-2 Weeks

Band: Baywitch
Song: "The Big One"
Video & Props
1-2 Weeks

Band: Japanther
Song: "Um Like Yer Smile Is Totally Ruling Me Right Now"
Stop motion & Animation
2-3 Weeks

Band: Speak
Song: "No Distance Just Grace"
Stop motion
1-2 Months

In-store Projections
DTLA Urban Outfitters
3-4 Weeks


Album Artwork
CD and cassette tape artwork created for Homesick EP by Thick Red Wine, Hellaspawn & Moonstoners by Baywitch and Needs by Carroll