all ten films together!!!

Reel of Films (Thesis) Lila Burns from Lila on Vimeo.

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DAY 70

well, today is the final installment of practice practice. for the film, i decided to choose a classic farewell, and do my own take on it. it seemed fitting as i’m looking towards graduation, and jobs, and the big void in september. it’s been fun, it’s been challenging. there are still a few pieces of the project on the horizon but the meat of the project has completed. now to finish the graphic novel for the print fair sunday morning…. thanks guys! i’ll keep you posted! Read More

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DAY 69

today’s image was the last image for the series! last last image, so i thought i’ve my favorite ending, and it’s PART of the ending to cat’s cradle so only a tiny spoiler… “Around his neck hung a chain with a cylinder the size of a rifle cartridge for a pendant. I supposed that cylinder contained some magic charm. I was mistaken. It contained a splinter of ice-nine.” AND I opened my eyes–and all the sea was ice-nine. The moist green earth was a blue-white pearl. The sky darkened. Borasisi the sun, became a sickly yellow ball, tiny and cruel. The sky was filled with worms. The worms were tornadoes.“. There will be some considerable reflection on this project soon. Final film tomorrow, graphic novel by sunday, and more after that. Read More

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DAY 68

“The stars are projectors, yeah – Projectin’ our lives down to this planet Earth – The stars are projectors, yeah – Projectin’ our minds down to this planet Earth” – Modest Mouse.

this project is effectively due tomorrow, but it won’t be done, working hard on my graphic novel and presentation, i’ll add the written developments to the wk-X-wk section in the top right. Read More

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DAY 67

almost forgot my image today cos usually i do them in the mornings! but i did mine as another project today! Karen To (BFA 11′) is doing a really cool dead words project and asked me to do one so thus today’s image: definition instead of a word. Stiricide: “falling of icicles from a house”. Read More

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DAY 66

this is another response to a spread from BE HERE NOW (Ram Dass) “At this moment if you set the alarm to get up at 3:47 this morning and when the alarm rings and you get up and turn it off and say: what time is it? you’d say: now — here! now where am i? here! then go back to sleep get up at 9:00 tomorrow. where am i ?? here! what time is it? now! try 4:32 three weeks from next thurs. by god it is _ there’s no getting away from it – thats the way it is that’s the eternal present. you finally figure out that it’s only the clock thats going around …. it’s doing its thing but you – you’re sitting here right now always” (80) Read More

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DAY 65

“I’m on a road shaped like a figure 8, I’m going nowhere, but I’m guaranteed to be late [...] Wind-up anger with the endless view of the ground’s colorful patchwork” – Interstate 8 by Modest Mouse. One of my favorites of theirs… but lets be serious they’re all my favorites. Made todays a gif, cos it seemed fitting. Read More

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DAY 65

“Rain is millions of tiny speech bubbles unused, the collected breaths of mutes, and all our silent exhalations where we should’ve put words, or words we had no one to tell, emptied from clouds like clearing horns spit valves, coming back to us now to remind us what we meant to say or that we meant to say something.” – Speech Bubbles by WHY? Read More

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DAY 64

today’s film is based on the old man and the sea which is a beautifully shot drawing/film. i used a series of 8 six-word stories for my film today. and the band is Fanfare ciocarlia (so good).

made a really scary to do list today… long weekend, better not sleep very much if i want to live….

film time: 3.5 hrs! not bad!! finished while the sun was still up!

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DAY 63

todays’ image is based on: “But words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling like dew upon a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.” – Lord Byron getting really into this renaissance imagery thing. that and pointillism in the comic! Read More

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DAY 61

today’s image is based on a poem by my great friend raven entitled ‘slightly west of here’ I don’t know how to break reality up Into pieces, small enough For them to swallow. lots to do today again. that is all. Read More

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DAY 60

wow day 60! today’s image is a little lackluster.. based on a note from my philosophy class last year “the flux of becoming to the static of being” translated into desert v. northwest. only got four hours of sleep last night so i’m going to go home soon… lost of motion last night but it went well today. lots to catch up on tomorrow! Read More

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DAY 59

so today’s began with one of one of my favorite books ever: cat’s cradle (Vonnegut obv). “‘No wonder kids grow up crazy. A cat’s cradle is nothing but a bunch of X’s between somebody’s hands, and little kids look and look and look at all those X’s…’ ‘And?’ ‘No damn cat, and no damn cradle.’” took a little longer than i wanted to, but i’m happy with it.

motion/critical studies homework forever. probably no sleep at all tonight… long day ahead…. spring break ended a long time ago… Read More

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DAY 58

excerpt for today: “Imagine a massive star at the end of its life. All internal sources of thermonuclear fuel have been depleted. A supernova explosion has just ripped the star apart. Although the star has violently shed most of its gases, the remaining burned-out core contains more than 2.5 solar masses. No forces in nature can support this stellar corpse; it is doomed to become a black hole.” (82, ‘Black Holes and Warped Spacetime’ by William J. Kaufmann, III)

deadly busy today… with not a lot of sleep behind me… hoping not to be like that stellar corpse by the end of the week ajosdifjaoidjsf Read More

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